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We are a group of African Diasporas from different African countries with a strong attachment and concern of our continent. Working with us are some Germans who in one way or the other have some strong attachment with Africans. Indeed our team is made up of Individuals with the full knowledge of was is going on in Africa, such as ( Poverty, Healthcare, lack of Educational facilities, HIV and AIDS, Housing, Child Abuses, Wars, Malnutrition, High mortality Rate) and a host of other related problems. We are also very familiar with the situation facing our people, most especially our children /Youths in Europe.
We all do agree that every child born has a dream as he or she grows to achieve. This is exactly what ACYDC is all about especially for an African Child/Youth to help them attain their “Dreams” no matter where they are.
We work in Urban and Rural areas to assist impoverished Communities, through economic Assistance and Community development programs. With our experience, we believe that if the children and Youths are given the adequate assistance as necessary, many changes will be experience in the continent.

From our perspective, Africa needs to be taught ``How to Catch a Fish and not on receiving Fishes. Indeed, Africans who have pass through these hardships and have recognized that the situation must change, can strive to effect these changes that the Continent desire.
ACYDC has chosen to address some of these problems by working with African based NGOs that prove to be reliable and efficent to make sure programs carried out will help reduce dependencies.
Due to the socio - political strata in the European Society the Africans happen to find themselves at the bottom level. Because of this situation, the Africans find it very difficult to integrate in the society.

To attain the dream of every Child for a bright future, ACYDC was formed to help the African Children and Youths in the Diaspora and in Africa itself. Actually, the organization is one of the numerous organizations that have been created to help the Children and Youths in and from the African Continent.

One will wonder despite the numerous organizations existing, to help African Children or youths just little or nothing has been achieved. It is from this premise that, the initiators got their inspiration to create programs that are going to uplift the unprivileged children in the Diaspora and to establish other centers in Africa which are to help the Africa Child and Youth realize the dream of every child born.
The activities of ACYDC reflects mostly on Education and Training, Health Services, Arts and Culture, Science and Technology, Sports and Counseling.
In addition, exchange programs are organized between Youths and Students in the Diaspora, Youths, and students in Africa. The Centre has develop a networking system where by Partners Organizations in Africa will form informatory groups to target the Youths on the situation of Migrants in Europe. ACYDC is using all Educational and informatory means to enlighten the African Youth the risks of roughing to Europe for a better life.
In the field of Education ACYDC is embarking on seeing that all the Children and Youths in the Diaspora attend schools of their choice and to any level whether  the Parents have residence permit or not.
ACYDC also organizes language classes in English and French. This will help the Children to be exposed to the outside world. Other African languages arel been introduced for the Youths who are  interested to learn.
Basic Training Programs in the field of Health and Business, are been carried out in other to give the Youth opportunities to acquire Knowledge towards a professional career in the future. This is especially for those who will not be able to further their education.
We also organize various workshops on different topics, which affects the life of an African child/youths in the 21st century.
Basic computer courses are organize to give the Youth the knowledge to navigate the internet.

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