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It is the right for every child born to have the right to medication, easy access to medical assistance and a free choice of which doctor to consult. This is exactly what the Center is all about. The African Child or Youth should be able to consult any doctor of their choice whether Residence permits or not. To consult the doctor they can understand. The Center will be organizing doctors to be visiting Children or youths who have been deprived of their basic rights.
In the area of Culture and Arts,Programs will be organized which will bring together African Child-Youths and Non Africans alike.
In the field of sports, the center intends to organize coaching programs on Football, Lawn tennis, Basketball. Actually, the aim is to expose hidden talents of the African Youths.
The Center will be doing Counseling and advice the Youths on various issues affecting their daily lives as Drug, Alcohol, Prostitution, Education etc.. Specialist will be available to do the counseling.
The center will also handle cases involving Abuse at work. Many African Youths are often victims in their work places. Because of this, a special department will be established to handle these abuses. The Center will be working with very experience Lawyers to deal with the associated problems of the
Youths for better integration in the European society