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To improve the lives of impoverished African children / Youths, their families and communities through different programs.
To develop structurally sound and appropriately supplied primary, secondary, and Vocational centers
To protect Children/Youths from all form of Abuses.
To lobby various Governments on Policies relating to Children’ s right.
To protect the Rights of an African Child / Youth anywhere, any time
To develop and supply counseling and advisories centers for children who have lost parents and family members to the injustices of genocide, social, poverty and HIV/AIDS
To train local teachers and counselors in order to provide the best academic and emotional education to African children possible
To lobby for academic Scholarship for financially weak children / Youth.
To protect African Children from all forms of discrimination, trafficking, Child soldier Child labour, sex slaves and child adoption.
To create opportunities for long-term sustainability through multiplicative programs so that African children are independent in fulfilling academic, emotional, and physical needs.